Getting Started in e-Commerce

Many people dream of jumping into e-commerce. They see it as an easy way of making money … especially if they are already involved in selling products out there in the real world.

How hard can it possibly be to make money selling something online? All you have to do is have a product, take some photos and put it up on a website somewhere and customers will come flocking to your door.

If only it were that easy. It is certainly not impossible to make money via an online store but it is something that requires hard work and it is not something that you may be able to set up, and run, yourself.

Even if you do all the work yourself there will still be costs involved and if you make the wrong decisions during the set up process you could be facing some expensive ongoing costs even if you aren’t making any sales.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set out on an e-commerce adventure. It is possible to make money, there’s lots of helpful advice and support for you here and in other places online and, if you are willing to learn how online shopping and sales really work, you can succeed.

Check out the links below for some of that free advice I mentioned and you can always contact me for more advice and mentoring.

getting started in e-commerce

Starting Your Own Online Shop

Let’s start with a reality check and some background on our experience with online shops.

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What are you going to sell in your online shop

What Are You Going to Sell in Your Online Shop

So you’ve decided to start your own online shop but what are you going to sell in your online shop?

You would be surprised at just how many people want to start building an online shop before they even know what they want to sell.

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Pricing Your Products

What is the easiest method to use when it comes to pricing your products for your online shop?

That’s a question that a lot of new online shop owners struggle with and many look at pricing their products without considering important factors that simply can’t be ignored.

So click here and let’s look at some of the ways of putting a price on what you want to sell that you can use and some of the important factors that MUST be considered.


Storage for Your Online Shop

Where are you going to put all that stuff?

What are you going to do about storage for your online shop? Your shop might be online but if you’re selling tangible items then you need somewhere to store the things you want to sell.

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Choosing the Right Shopping Cart for Your Online Shop

Perhaps the biggest decision you will have to make as you move towards opening your online store is choosing the right shopping cart for your online shop.

Should you use one of the free shopping cart programs that are out there? Can you afford to use one of the fully paid shopping cart programs or should you use a hybrid shopping cart program that offers the core software for free but then requires you to pay a fee for each plugin you add for extra functionality?

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photography for websites

6 Photography Tips for e-Commerce Websites

If you think that taking photos for your small business website is simply a matter of pointing, clicking and then uploading I have some bad news for you.

If your photos are blurry, poorly composed, poorly lit or just plain inadequate people won’t buy what you’re selling. Instead they will head off to another site online that treats them with more respect and shows them images that will encourage them to buy.

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10 Quick e-Commerce Tips

Here are 10 quick e-Commerce tips to help you get your new online e-Commerce site off to the right start.

I can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to get these things right if you want to get your online business off on the right foot.

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