10 Quick e-Commerce Tips

tick-blackboardHere are 10 quick e-Commerce tips to help you get your new online e-Commerce site off to the right start.

I can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to get these things right if you want to get your online business off on the right foot

Tip 1: Use a simple domain name that is easy to remember. If people see your domain name on the back of a bus will it be easy enough for them to remember when they get home?

Tip 2: If you live in a country other than the US then buy both the .com and .com.(your country’s extension) if they are available and re-direct the one that you’re not using to the one that you are using.

Tip 3: Make sure that you have worked out how you are going to ship your products and how you are going to cover the shipping costs before you start building your website.

Tip 4: Have your product photos ready before you start building your website. Make sure that they are crisp and clearly show your product with nothing around it that can distract potential buyers.

Tip 5: One photo is good if your product is a fishing hook but if you have larger products take photos from all major angles and make sure that you include those photos so that people are not left in any doubt as to what is on the other side of your product.

Tip 6: Make sure that all product photos are of a uniform size and make those photos a reasonable size. 200 pixels on the longest side for the small image on the product page is the smallest you should use and, if a potential customer clicks on that small image, it should open up to a larger image that is at least 640 to 800 pixels on the longest side.

Tip 7: Adding a video to the product page that demonstrates the product will go a long way towards increasing your sales.

Tip 8: Keep the text on the product page focused on the product. Don’t waffle and don’t make claims that make your product sound as if it is too good to be true. If you do have an amazing product support it with photos and video.

Tip 9: The words you use to describe your products needs to be different on each product page. Never use the text that you might find on your supplier’s website. If you want to stand any real chance of ranking in the search engines then don’t use the same text that everyone else who buys the same product from the same supplier uses.

Tip 10: The layout of the text on each product page should follow the same pattern.

  1. Tell potential customers in less than 10 words why they need your product.
  2. Tell potential customers how your product will meet their needs.
  3. Describe the product and add any important technical details.
  4. End with a call to action … ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’, anything that tells the client that his next step is to make a purchase.