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21 – Are You Begging?

Begging people to like your business on Facebook is not going to get you many likes at all. If you want people to like your business page on Facebook then you have to give them a reason … and you have to go on giving them a reason.

20 – Dealing With Big Hairy Distractions

Join me for some solutions to distractions as I try to get my focus back after a couple of bigger than usual distractions threatened to trash my day.

19 – Saving Time by Not Wasting Time

There are lots of ways to waste time but some of the ways that will cost you the most are little things that you may not even think about.

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18 – Limitations

Are you putting limitations on yourself because you think you can’t do something or are you looking for an excuse to fail?

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17 – 7 Things You Need to Do to Keep Your Clients

Selling your services or products to clients / customers you already have is easier and cheaper than selling to new clients but how do you keep your clients when there is so much competition out there?

Here are 7 ways to turn your clients / customers into loyal fans.

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16 – 7 Ways to Ensure You Get Paid for the Work You Do

Unfortunately getting paid for the work you do for others can be hard for small businesses but here are 7 tips from my many years of experience that may help you to get paid.

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15 – It’s Time For a Cold Shower

When you build a website there is no guarantee that it will bring you a lot of business … especially if you’re located in a regional area.

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14 – The Cost of Acquiring Customers

How much does it cost you to acquire new customers and how do you view that cost? Do you see it as a cost or as an investment?

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13 – Promoting Your Business Website

It might be hard work that you don’t see as being of much value but it’s work that you have to do if you want your business website to be a success and work for you.

Skip that hard work and your website will fail.

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12 – How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How much do you charge for the services you provide and what do you base those charges on?

I ask the tough questions to get you thinking about what the right answers are for you as you try to grow your business and customer base

11 – How a Dream Can Turn Into a Nightmare

Working from home is the dream for many people but those who have been working from home for years know that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

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10 – 4 Words No Entrepreneur Should Ever Say

There are 4 simple words that any new entrepreneur can say that will limit their business and ultimately stop them from growing. Find out what they are and why they should never be said.

9 – Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Over-committing before you have thoroughly worked out all the bugs in your latest project can leave you looking incompetent and unreliable so start small and build up to your goal.

8 – May I Scare You?

Will I scare you … just a little … is your WordPress website being attacked by hackers even as you read this?

7 – Value is a Two-Way Street

Everyone wants to tell us that we must add value for our clients / customers if we want to survive but value is a two-way street and, if we are not getting value in return, then we are in trouble.

6 – Just Two Things

Is there anything more important than your business? I can think of two things that are way more important than any business and you do not want to ignore them.

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5 – Facing the Challenges of Small Business

Anyone running a small business will face challenges. How we deal with those challenges will mean the difference between success and failure.

4 – Backups

Backups – boring … dull … totally forgettable … but the only way your business will recover if your computers crash or your website disappears.

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3 – Saving Time

It’s important that every small business person learns how to save time. You can’t do it all yourself and the sooner you learn how to save time the sooner you will have time to work on your business rather than in your business.

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2 – Responsibility

You are the captain of your own ship … when things go wrong the buck stops with you


1 – Take Your Finger of the Trigger

Treat every link you see with caution and don’t rush to click it


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