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Welcome to the Small Business Book Shop. Here you will find the best books that have ever been written for anyone involved in small business.

Does that sound like a rather bold statement? Yes, it is but every one of these books comes highly recommended … I’ve read them myself and I would recommend them to anyone who is struggling to get their small business off the ground or wants to do even better.

All the books recommended here are hard copy. The Small Business Bookshop works in conjunction with The Book Depository in England.

You get free shipping and you get fast delivery anywhere in the world and I can vouch for that from personal experience.

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The One Thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

by Gary Keller

How do you cope with everything that’s thrown at you day after day?

How do you break through that barrage of distractions?

How do you focus on growing your business with there are so many different things that need your attention?

This book has the answer and it will help you focus on the one thing that is important each day. The answer is simple but implementing it is a little harder but read it and you will know how to focus on the one thing that is really important.

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The Slight Edge: turning simple disciplines into massive success and happiness

by Jeff Olson & John David Mann

What if there was something simple you could do that would ensure that you were always way out in front of your competition?

Would you do that simple thing to gain advantage or would you prefer to struggle on just as your competitors are doing?

There is something simple that you can do and it will guarantee that you will have the edge over your competitors and you will discover what that simple thing is in this book.

This simple thing that you need to do is nothing new … the entrepreneurs who have the edge over every one else have known about this one thing for years. It’s so simple that you will kick yourself for not realising that the key to success has been in your hands all along.

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Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

Some suggest that this is the most important financial book ever written … and maybe they’re right.

Napoleon Hill researched over 40 people who had become millionaires after starting with very little and all these people had something in common.

Read the book and you’ll find out what that thing was … and still is today.

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Change Your Thinking: Change Your Life

by Brian Tracy

What if the only thing holding you back from the success that you crave was your thinking?

Well, according to Brian Tracy and many famous business people that he has coached, that’s exactly what is holding you back and Brian can help you change the outcomes you’re experiencing right now.

Read the book and you too could benefit from changing your thinking.

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Influence: the psychology of persuasion

by Robert Cialdini

Why do people say “yes”? This book will explain exactly why many people simply can’t refuse a sales pitch and then it will teach you how to apply what you have learned.

There are six universal principles of persuasion and when you’ve finished this book you will know them and know how to apply them.


This is a book that you will read and re-read because it will teach you so much.

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The Copywriter’s Handbook

by Robert W Bly

Over the years I’ve made Toni’s clients a lot of money (well over $1.2m for one client) with my copywriting skills. I had none till I read this book and started applying the lessons that Robert Bly teaches in this book.

When you read what he has to say you will understand why so much of the advertising you see today just doesn’t work for small businesses.


The Ultimate Guide to Link Building

by Eric Ward

If you want to learn the RIGHT way to build inbound links to your website then this is the book you must read.

Eric Ward has been the leading link building expert for many years and he will teach you the right way to build links. While other link builders will end up getting your site penalised Eric’s advice will help your website move up in the rankings.