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Two More Tips for When You Employ an Expert in Your Small Business

When you hire an expert to help you grow your small business you suddenly have access to an incredible amount of knowledge … don’t be afraid to ask questions  and don’t ignore his advice.


A Tip for When You Employ an Expert in Your Small Business

Employing an expert for specialized tasks in your small business can deliver some great outcomes … but there is something you should never do when you employ and expert.

A Tale of Two Webmasters

It’s a true story that has a strong message for anyone who is thinking of starting and growing a small business’


Two Types of Customers You Don’t Want

Most of your customers will be great – they will help you grow your business – but there are two types of customer that you don’t want. They will suck you dry and destroy your small business … if you let them.


Begging People to Like You

Asking people to like your small business on Facebook is akin to begging. If you want people to like your business Facebook page then you have to give them a good reason … and go on giving them that good reason.

Facebook for small business can really work for you but you have to understand how to make it work for you.

Why You Need to be Flexible

The older we get the more we become set in our ways and yet, as entrepreneurs and small business owners, it’s important that we remain flexible so that we can quickly respond when conditions change.

It’s the Message Not the Medium

Have you tried advertising in newspapers, radio, television and a website but nothing is working for you?

Perhaps it’s your message rather than the medium that isn’t working for you. Perhaps you need to change your message.

Dealing with Anger

Anger is mostly a wasted emotion for any small business person and it can do more harm than good to you and your small business.

Here is what I do to I deal with anger so that it doesn’t destroy me or my business.

Want to Know How to Keep Your Clients?

Selling your services or products to clients / customers you already have is easier and cheaper than selling to new clients but how do you keep your clients when there is so much competition out there?

How to Make Sure That You Get Paid For the Work You Do For Others

Sadly, getting paid for the work you do for others can sometimes be difficult but here are 7 tips that will help ensure that you get paid for the work you do for others.


Do you think that you can grab any image or text you find on the Net and use it on your website? If that’s what you think then you need to watch this video … it can save you from a world of pain.

The best source of free images that I’ve found is Pixabay and for paid images there’s Adobe Stock or iStock

Terms of Service Revisited

If you are going to copy some other site’s terms of service to include on your own website (not something I would recommend) then don’t do what one web designer did to one of their clients.

How can you encourage people to trust your website? Pt2

People do not automatically trust a website so, if you’re selling products online, you have to include elements on your e-commerce site that will encourage them to trust your site and feel comfortable about buying from you.

Here are 3 more things that you need to include in your e-commerce website.

How can you encourage people to trust your website? Pt1

People do not automatically trust a website so, if you’re selling products online, you have to include elements on your e-commerce site that will encourage them to trust your site and feel comfortable about buying from you.

Here are 3 things that you need to include in your e-commerce website.

Who Do You Compare Yourself To?

Comparing yourself, your business and your progress to others is not the way to measure growth because no two people are ever on exactly the same journey.

Comparing yourself to the you of 6 months ago will give you a much clearer picture of whether or not you are growing.


Finding the Time in Small Business

Finding the time to do things on your website … to update your blog … can be difficult for small business people. Here are a couple of tips to help you make better use of what time you have.


You and Your Business Need to be Consistent

Consistency is vital for your small business … and for you too. Your inconsistency can show and say so much about you and your small business.


Can you handle the truth?

When you want an honest opinion of your website who do you ask? Most people ask friends, family and employees but are they experts in web design and will they really tell you the truth?

Most of those people won’t want to offend you so who will give you an honest appraisal of your website?

Website security

Website security is not 100% effective … nothing, online or offline, can be 100% secure and a determined hacker can always get in.

However you can make your website so secure that a hacker will go looking for an easier target.

What is your unique selling point?

It’s what sets your business apart from all your competitors and if you don’t have one you should find one before your competitors take all your business.

Does your website work for you?

Does your website work for you or is it failing to produce the outcomes you were hoping for?

Here are three reasons why many websites do not work. Sometimes the truth can be a little hard to take.

It’s not about how good you were

How good you once were won’t sell your products or services today. What your potential customers or clients want to know is how your products or services will improve their lives right now.



Choosing a domain name

Choosing the right domain name is extremely important because it is what many of your customers will use to find your business but choosing that “right” domain name is not as simple as you might think

Here are some tips on what makes a good domain name and what your domain name should focus on. It’s more than just choosing your business name.

Protecting Your Domain Name

Your domain name can be one of your business’ greatest assets and yet small business people often lose control their domain names because they think that they own their domain name.

The fact is that you only rent your domain name but protecting your domain name is really very simple and far from rocket science. Here is the one tip that you need to follow to keep your domain name safe.

Product Photos

Many website owners seem to think that any old photo of their products are good enough to appear on their website but nothing could be further from the truth. You product photos are what people use when they want to judge the quality of your products.

If you want to sell products … or services … online, then you need good quality, relevant photos of your products. Poor quality photos = fewer sales.

Photos of you

Even in today’s online business world people like to see who they are doing business with. That’s why a photo of you … not your kids … not your dog … not your boat … not your car .. but a relevant photo of you … is so important to include on your website.

So don’t be shy … add a photo of you to your About page today so your clients / customers can see who they will be doing business with.


We all strive to build the perfect product … offer the perfect service … and have the perfect website because we thing that no one will buy from us or deal with us if everything isn’t perfect.

But that can mean that we never get anything to market … never offer any service … and never have a website because they never reach the perfect standard that we want.


When we are trying to start … and grow … our business we tend to focus on that and we cut so many things out of our live so we can maintain that focus.

One of the first things that many of us put aside is any form of exercise and that is a major mistake. Without exercise our health deteriorates so it’s time to think about exercise.

Terms of Service

Terms of service are those boring pages of small print that you will find on most websites that sell products or services.

They might be boring but they can mean the difference between making a sale or watching people leave your website without buying anything. They are also your protection if legal issues should arise so leave them out at your peril.

How can you overcome all the setbacks that you will face in small business?

If you’re starting out in small business then you are going to face challenges and “improvise, adapt and overcome” needs to become your mantra.

Why? Because the only way you will be able to cope with all the challenges that you will met along the way is by applying that mantra every day.

What are you leaving behind?

We get so wound up in growing and running our business that we don’t stop to think about what might happen if we suddenly die or have a major accident that takes us out of circulation for months.

How will your loved ones cope? Do you keep everything in your head or do your loved ones understand what they have to do to continue, or wind up, your business?

Know your customer

If you want to succeed online then you need to know and understand your potential customers … but how do you do that when you can’t see them?

Here are some tips that will help you get a clear image of who your customers really are … don’t be surprised if they are not who you think they are.

What is your Plan B

Nothing goes smoothly in small business and you need to be prepared when problems arise.

If you’re not prepared … if you don’t have a Plan B … then you won’t be able to respond quickly when disaster strikes. If you can’t respond quickly then your chance of failure increases dramatically.