Website Consultancy Services

If your website is not producing the outcomes you want, or were expecting, it doesn’t matter how good it looks or how much you like it.

What matters is why it is not performing and to discover the reasons for that, you need someone who can look at your website objectively.

A comprehensive review of your website

When I review your website I will:

  • Compare the design of your website with your stated goals
  • Assess the effectiveness of the navigation
  • Assess the fonts used, the styling and the general feel of the website to ensure that they are in keeping with stated goals of the website
  • Assess the text to make sure that it is both readable, relevant, designed to encourage visitors to take action and is search engine friendly
  • Review any search engine optimisation that has been done for each page on the site to ensure that it does not breach Google’s guidelines
  • Monitor the flow of traffic through the website to identify points where people arrive onsite and points where people leave without taking action
  • Review website security to ensure that the site has all the defences in place to withstand common hacking methods
  • Provide a written report covering my findings and recommendations to correct any problems I may find and follow that up with a phone consultation

Getting the problems fixed

Fixing problems that come to light in a review of your website can be difficult for you to arrange. The person who designed your website may have moved on or you may prefer not to deal with them anymore.

If you have any difficulties getting the problems fixed I can arrange to have the work carried out for you.

If your website is not producing the outcomes you expected, you need to know the causes so you can take action to rectify the problem and an honest review will show you what needs to be fixed.

Planning a new website?

If you’re planning a new website I can work with you to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that so many web designers fall into.

You can use my knowledge to get things right … right from the start.

Call or email me today and let’s get your website working for you!